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We are a family business engaged in agriculture for over 40 years in the valley of Aconcagua , the work product of our father Julio Ernesto V. Zenteno Whoever very young link with farming and ranching . Initially , it was a great supporter of his father. When he had the experience and the financial capacity , became independent . First leased land and then buy some agricultural land is now the province of Los Andes , such as: Premises Las Casas and Santa Clara Located in San Esteban , Premises El Sauce and Santa Griselda located in Los Andes . The July 18, 1959 is experiencing one of the happiest moments of his life marries the distinguished lady Clara Ramirez Mendoza , who with patience , hard work and visionary spirit , did produce the fertile lands of the properties already mentioned . Proceeds from this managed to build a beautiful and cozy home in Farm Houses , where fruit of love they had three children Ana Maria . doctor , married to Fernando Bisbal , Jose Ernesto Teodoro . Trade Technician , married to Paula and Jorge Esteban Siglreithmaier , Agricultural Technical , Siglreithmaier Ximena married , after the death of Don Ernesto Vergara Zenteno , on September 10, 1993 , his wife and children decided to form a family company which would bear his ERNESTO AGRICOLA LTDA name