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The story behind our our lands ...
Vitis vinifera

Table grapes

Table grapes for fresh consumption

Prunus persica

Canned Peaches

Fruit for industrial process or fresh consumption

Prunus persica cv nectarine


Fruit with white or yellow pulp for export process.

Juglans regia


Nuts appreciated for their pleasant taste

Citrus reticulata


Fruit of medium size, orange in color, thin and semi-smooth rind. It is sweet and has no seeds.


A raisin is a dried fruit obtained from the drying process of a grape, with the aim of reducing its humidity to achieve its conservation for a long period.

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O u r P r o p e r t i e s

We currently have the properties of Las Casas, Santa Griselda, Santa Clara, El Molino, El Sauce and Don Erne. All located in the province of Los Andes.